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  7. Persistent depressive disorder
  8. Schizophrenia
  9. Psychological disorders are the second health concern in Europe
  10. From fear to anger: the dominant feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic
  11. Depression: the critical postmenopausal period
  12. Generalized Anxiety Disorder: what are we really talking about?
  13. Angelini Pharma invests in Argobio, an innovative start-up incubator
  14. Bringing mental health back to government agendas
  15. Following the Italian model in a Polish way
  16. A new a leading European innovator in Central Nervous System and Mental Health Disorder treatments
  17. Women and children hit hardest by mental health disorders during the pandemic: Headway 2023 Mental Health Index
  18. Lady Gaga: “Our parents aren’t the only role-model”
  19. Can Dating Apps Be Harmful for Our Mental Health?
  20. The pressure of appearance. Selena Gomez: “Nobody is perfect, but you’re not alone”
  21. Christmas Is Coming, And Happy Memories May Help Us Face Its Challenges
  22. Dan Howell: “Knowing how to snap yourself out of that really makes a difference”
  23. Can working from home turn you into a workaholic?
  24. Millenials, from the “spoilt kids” to the Burnout Generation
  25. When a tv series takes mental health seriously
  26. Doomscrolling: the social media trend eroding your mental health
  27. The elderly: the implication of social isolation
  28. Beyond stereotypes: a challenge for Pop Culture
  29. Is Winnie the Pooh a Metaphor for Mental Health?
  30. Can Horror Movies Be Bad for Your Mental Health?
  31. Teens Did Surprisingly Well in Quarantine
  32. Netflix’s Ratched May Still Have Something Important to Say, Despite Its Flaws
  33. The Growing Popularity of Mental Health Accounts on Instagram
  34. How Women Are Striving to Find a Balance Between Work and Family
  35. Can Being Hikikomori Lead from Habit to Addiction?
  36. Our priority is patient support
  37. Tackling mental health must be top priority
  38. Facing depression, fighting the stigma
  39. In the name of patients’ interest
  40. Working together to help families and patients
  41. The Invisible Epidemic of Violence Against Women During the Lockdown
  42. Bringing Epilepsy out into the Open
  43. What if your parents were sad not only because they're getting older?
  44. #ByMyEpilepSide
  45. Angelini Pharma presents Lampi (Lightnings), an auteur short film on brain health
  46. Angelini Pharma's commitment in Brain Health
  47. Headway - Focus Epilepsy. 2022 REPORT, RESULTS AND PERSPECTIVES
  48. Headway - A new roadmap in Mental Health. Live from European Parliament
  49. New Headway report: environmental crisis has a major impact on mental health.
  50. #50MILLIONSTEPS for Epilepsy: Angelini Pharma joins the challenge promoted by IBE and counts steps
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